Often people go through unexplained pain and numbness especially in the side parts of the body. The pain gets worse at night and starts spreading towards the arms, thighs and legs. Sometimes people don't even have the energy or capability to walk a short distance. If you are going through any of the above symptoms, you probably have herniated di


A brain aneurysm (also called an intracranial aneurysm or cerebral aneurysm) is an abnormal focal dilation of an artery in the brain which causes "blister-like" dilation - widening, ballooning or bleb of a portion of a weakened blood vessel in the brain. The larger the bulge, the more likely the brain aneurysm will bleed into and aroun


On 17th November, National Epilepsy Day is commended every year by the Epilepsy Foundation, India so as to make people aware about the disease Epilepsy. This is a condition which are characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures, which are abnormal, hypersynchronous discharge of cortical neurons in the brain at a rate of up to four times highe


A stroke is a cerebral vascular accident caused by sudden rupture or blockage in the blood supply of the brain. This is similar to a heart attack as the brain cells, deprived of the oxygen and glucose they need to survive, die off. Ischemic strokes are caused by blockage in blood vessels that supplies blood to the br


All who have a damaged spinal disk knows how painful it is. This pain is the most important warning signal that you should take into account. If you take proper action, the problem can be corrected.


According to studies, there are almost one million cases of tremor in India. Though there is no exact cure for this condition, it can be controlled and prevented from being a severe case. But many aren't aware of the treatments available. Here's a brief study about essential tremor and the treatments available.



Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder. It predominately attacks “Dopaminergic”, dopamine-producing neurons in a particular area of the brain called “Substantia Nigra”. In this condition, dopaminergic neurons would be impaired and it causes the gradual decline of dopamine level in the body. Dopamin


Neck pain can be caused by sudden trauma such as muscle sprain or strains. Neck pain treatment normally needs conservative treatment option such as heat/ice therapy, medication, muscle conditioning, and physical th


A medical emergency, considered deadly for its consequences, brain stroke is becoming an increasingly common condition today. Occurring due to a hindrance in the blood flow to the brain, stroke i

Back pain is a silent and violent killer. Unbearable back pain makes one feel depressed. Though there are so many ways to treat the lumbar pain, few only get better results. Is there any possibility to override the pain without any massive surgery? Yes, Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy (PELD) is an advanced technique from lumbar microdiscectomy used to treat lumbar disc problems.

Head injury may occur in any part such as the brain, scalp, skull, and the underlying tissues in the head. It is one of the crucial conditions to treat. Head injuries will be either closed or opened. In closed injury, the skull will not have any injury or break. Open injury is one which breaks […]

A head injury occurs as a result of trauma to the scalp, skull or brain, and can be classified as closed (no break in the skin) or penetrating (the skin or skull bone is broken ). The symptoms of head injury may occur immediately after a trauma or may develop slowly over time. A head […]

September 16, 2015

Back Pain felt in the back of the body. the most common aria of the pain is lower back, or lumbar area. The pain is came from the muscles or nerves associated with the spine chords or other constructed in the spine. Lumbar spinal Stenosis Symptoms : A typical symptoms is pain in the legs. […]

September 11, 2015

Dr.Sai sudarsan is one of the Best Neurosurgeon in India , He is experienced in Micro Neurosurgery and an Endovascular Neuro treateatment . He s working as Senior consultant. Dr.Sai Sudarsan specializes in diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders of the center and peripheral nervous systems including trauma , tumors vascular disorders , infections of […]

Many tumors and other conditions are there which affect the skull base. Brain tumors, acoustic neuromas, meaningiomas and pituitary tumors etc. include in these. Certain other developmental abnormalities also affect the skull base. The skull has several bones, usually called as sutures. The space behind the eyes and nose is the place where lies the […]

Head Injury is a common term used to refer to injuries to the brain, the skull, the scalp, the blood vessels that run through the head and the underlying tissues in the head. Mostly, these injuries are considered to be neurotrauma. The types of head injuries are different for different types of fractures of the skull, intracranial hematoma, and concussions. The different types of skull fractures include a depressed skull fracture, diastatic skull fracture, basilar skull fracture and linear skull fractures.